Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started building your own App.

  1. Click on the Sign In link above, to create your Pageforest user account and Allow Access for the Scratch application.
  2. Change the contents of the Note field below.
  3. Click on the Save link above to save your changes to your Pageforest document library. Note that the URL address of this page has changed to indicate the document id given to your saved document.
  4. Reload the page (press F5) to confirm that Pageforest can reload your document as you saved it.
  5. Clone this app, to make your own modifiable copy of the source code.
  6. Use the Pageforest Editor to edit the source code of your application. Alternatively, you can edit your application files on your desktop or laptop computer - see more at
  7. Read our in-depth Getting Started guide.

Data Fields
  1. JSON data for this document - Each Pageforest document is saved as a JSON-formatted file. Once saved, you can click this link to examine the document format directly in your browser. Note that all documents are stored in
  2. My Pageforest documents - Pageforest collects all the documents that a user has saved in his own document library.
  3. Source code - View the code for this application.